Tiki's Jingles        

To mix the video clips, the Tiki Community now has two sound jingles it can use as the need arises.

Here are the two musical samples:

Hat's off to Alex.

You can listen to more original music composition from 1K Sound Design on their MySpace page

1K Sound Design was able to respond quickly and with intelligence to Tiki's Video Clips Jingle requirement.

You can listen to the original composition created by Alex of 1K Sound Design on mySpace.

For those who would like to reach Alex, you can write to him in French at: chamanproduction -at- yahoo DOT fr


daniam, 21:59, 2015-05-11: Hello World
marclaporte, 15:34, 2013-08-29: @daniam: that is 2 gigs of data per video...
daniam, 01:47, 2013-08-14: Hello, In the mean time, here is the reason I need FTP access to store raw video footage as I am unable to use tv.tiki.org to do so: [Link] -- [Link] Da
jonnybradley, 10:16, 2013-07-15: Upload media "wizard" has been fixed by Kaltura (we didn't break it), so all should be well here now? :-)
daniam, 05:29, 2013-07-07: Just uploaded: [Link] video clipOnline Publishing House video clip and it "dissapeared" after the transfer was done. Can someone see for me what went wrong?