daniam, 21:59, 2015-05-11: Hello World
marclaporte, 15:34, 2013-08-29: @daniam: that is 2 gigs of data per video...
daniam, 01:47, 2013-08-14: Hello, In the mean time, here is the reason I need FTP access to store raw video footage as I am unable to use tv.tiki.org to do so: [Link] -- [Link] Da
jonnybradley, 10:16, 2013-07-15: Upload media "wizard" has been fixed by Kaltura (we didn't break it), so all should be well here now? :-)
daniam, 05:29, 2013-07-07: Just uploaded: [Link] video clipOnline Publishing House video clip and it "dissapeared" after the transfer was done. Can someone see for me what went wrong?