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Description You can make a difference. The Technology Advocates project is a community effort. Without community participation we're just a couple of guys with a site. You are more powerful, have more to contribute to bringing sensibility to our society's on-line world, than you may realize. You need only have a thought, an opinion, an experience; and the will to make something from it, to add value that could be precious to someone you don't even know. Technical skills are of course always welcome, but if you can read you can help us better the site. If you can write you can contribute to your community. You can make a difference. Simply by suggesting wording changes on a page you can make something clearer for the next person that might have otherwise bypassed the information altogether. Your lack of technical knowledge can be a benefit to everyone as well. If you don't know something chances are someone else doesn't either. Questions asked of us are how we know what information needs to be posted to help everyone. Ask once and help many.
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